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Friday, January 26th, 2007
2:55 pm
Power up and buff em if you got em.

Double XP weekend may see Lord Fulcrum at Fiddy! I'm planning on invince AV mish's 8manned and cleared. Lots of tasty XP.

The event seems to suggest that Prestige and Inf will be doubled too. As some of you are short on inf, a good opportunity to make some cash, though i would love to see a lot of prestige fill our coffers so we can really get the base oving forward (especially with the rent change)

So good hunting everybody!

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006
4:18 pm
Hey guys!
Since I'll be back from New York on the 29th I was wondering if anyone would like to run around for a couple of days batting off the Christmas badges?

Unfortunately I'm not allowed to install CoH on this machine otherwise I'd be seeing you all online!
Wednesday, November 15th, 2006
1:40 pm
Legion for Life!
I congratulate all on the first anniversary of the Steel Legion. Keeping Paragon City (union dimension) safe for a hwole year. It's a long hard road but we have made many steps along it. I thank each and every one of you who has helped towards making us what we are today and what we will become.

This weekend i hope to have a celebratory cleanup of all Paragons wickedest and heinous villains! See you there!

-Lord Fulcrum.

Be a hero. Be Legion!
Wednesday, November 1st, 2006
2:54 pm
Uniformity, and other concerns.
With my fifth costume slot (thanks Lord Fulcrum btw) I decided to have a go at a Steel Legion uniform. And I think I did pretty well.

Starting from the top...

On Boy's head is a Retro Tech Full Helmet, with a Single Comm to keep him in touch with SG-mates and an X Vision visor HUD. Everything is blackest black in SG mode except for the secondary colour of the visor which is 7 down, 3 left, kind of a bottle green.

His body is fully Armored head to foot in Tech Wired armour, simply decorated with the Stripe 1 colour scheme (simply Stripe on the Smooth boots). Smooth shoulder pads protect vulnerable shoulder joints and allow the stripes to blend through to the cape. The Large Robotic Tech gloves are becoming Steel Legion standard equipment for most, so you might as well pick yours up at the same time as the rest of the uniform! Belts are free since most members have built a tac belt that works for them. Boyhemoth uses Tactical 3 layout, Lord Fulcrum needs his ampules, etc. The body of the armour appears black with a white stripe up the sides, the shoulder pads are white ringed with black and the gloves are plain black.

The cape is a Long Half-Mantle cape in the Sharp design, centre white with surround in black. Brooch 44 holds the cape to the armour, primary colour is 5th from the right on the top row, mid-grey.

If your character has something that they cannot do their job without then you can keep those on the SG uniform. So for instance if your character requires a high degree of dexterity then the huge gauntlets may not be suitable.

Now, there's an important thing to say here. No-one likes their carefully built character to disappear into some kind of corporate identity. This is why we need discussion amongst the Marechals, to decide a uniform we will all be happy with and can stick to. This is my submission, it contains all the technology Valley Hardware have already put on the streets combined with a tactical helmet.
Wednesday, October 18th, 2006
9:11 pm
This is Halloween!
Well, its that time of year again. Fake plastic skeletons, mouldy pumpkins and giant giant monsters.

I will be attempting to be on all weekend to enable any Sg member to join. I hope to formn a Sg team to travel and Defeat the GM's. Also for getting the parts needed. I hope to get enough to be able to share some out between my alts that need a fifth slot. Any i have left over i will happily donate to SG members who need them. I would also like to encourage other SG members to disperse any unneeded event salvage through the SG. I am also runnig the event in SG mode - to represent in the City!

Good hunting all, hope you get lots of candy!

-Lord Fulcrum
Steel Legion Marechal
Monday, October 16th, 2006
4:10 pm
Base News
Hey all,

HAve rearranged the base a little, just opened up the med bay and streamlined the transport wing. Have also looked at the possibilty of opening up the plot to the next size. Bwahahaha, not going to happen any time soon. 1.6 mil for an extra 32 squares (50% of what we have already) and then add in the cost of new rooms and, well, as you can see, despite the 25% bonus to prestige recently the thing is just plain borken. Stupid.

Next item i suggest purchasing is the (possible) aux pgrade or higher telepads to get us to the mish door when TP into zone.

So anyways, i was wondering does the double xp weekend also give double prestige? if so (and even if not) i thought about getting an 8 man SG team to do PVP door missions to get us some prestige. Lame farming i know, but hell until the fix the crappy thing, we gotta if we want stuff.

Any suggestions?

-Lord Fulcrum
Monday, September 11th, 2006
11:55 pm
Status report.

After many weeks of detective work i now have information detailing the whereabouts of a number of Paragon City's nefarious enemeis.

I have tracked down Baphomet and Anti-Matter and have a strong lead on Nemesis.

I request any assistance given for the apprehension of these criminals.

-Lord Fulcrum
Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006
11:59 am
Base Overhaul
Okay, so with a little jiggery-pokery, we now have double the number of teleporters in the base! In order to accommodate the Control demands, I had to replace the Control Room with a slightly larger one, but all is well.

We now have the capacity to teleport to:

Atlas Park, Steel Canyon, The Hollows, Perez Park, Talos Island, Peregrine Island, Founders Falls, Brickstown, Striga Isle, Terra Volta, Skyway City and Kings Row.

This makes transport between missions so much faster you wouldn't believe it.

If you have missions in Crey's Folly or Eden, I'm sorry but there's not enough Prestige left in the kitty for another Teleport Room just yet. In the meantime, teleporting to Brickstown and FF will deposit you very near the entrances to those zones.

The Steel Canyon beacon is in the upper-right of the map, good for the green line station, Boomtown and Siren's Call.

The Skyway beacon plops you down right in front of the Freedom Corps shop.

The Talos Island one dumps you in a spot on the west side of the main island, sometimes in the middle of a group of mobs!

That's all for now. I hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, August 17th, 2006
10:53 am
Legion Business
Greetings all,

Long time no see huh?

With today's patch, our SG base will get a whole lot cooler. I really want to take advantage of the new teleporter beacons (and I'll be online tonight collecting them) and so I'd like to ask everyone which zones in particular they want teleporters for?

I would especially like to see Peregrine Island and Founders Falls. Atlas Park (for paying rent and RV) and Terra Volta (for the respecs) would also be helpful.

Also, are any of the teleporters we have now defunct, or could be replaced by more useful beacons? It would save some space in our base if we could replace old beacons instead of building new teleport rooms.

Your thoughts?

Tuesday, April 11th, 2006
1:03 pm
Is anyone interested in doing a TF this Sunday? I'm looking at Manticore's in particular (lvl 30-35).
Thursday, March 23rd, 2006
8:39 am
Mr Base Man...

What are the chances of setting up a third teleporter for our two unused beacons? I know we'll be needing more power and possibly control. Will we also need a new teleporter room (can't remember if the limit is 2 or 3 per room...)?

1:27 am
Auto-Assault update
Looks like some steps in the right direction, I like the patenting idea =), I think Boy had one similar..
check out the Update before Gamma phase starts..
Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006
4:18 pm
As we march through the weekend.
God willing I will have a working PC on Friday, and I want to run a TF on Saturday. Anyone up for any of them?
Monday, March 20th, 2006
3:27 pm
Hello? where is everyone? lol
Tuesday, March 7th, 2006
9:10 am
Beacon Get!
We picked up the Crey's Folly beacon last night.

3:28 am
Really quiet...
Well, we've managed to cobble together enough Prestige to build a workshop and a basic table, this has allowed me to compress Cyber.Fluke's salvage down by refining it into Tech Power/material and (by swapping the table for a forge ;) ) Arcane Things (can't remember what they are).

If you pass down the salvage (and help me move mine) I can: (by again swapping out the table for whichever I need)
-- compress it down
-- build more upgrades for the base

when we've earned more prestige I can make more complicated things, for example the inspiration dispenser you've all been clamouring for ;)

Oh, and if you haven't already, try the new version of Auto Assault. It's a damn big download, with the new regions and detail textures and sounds, but really worth it, new chassis (for all lvls, not just higher up, although I do now have a sweet bike to scream around in ;) ), higher crafting abilities and many bug fixes. I know some of you were worried about the game being finished on time, but these boys really aren't pissing about, they're making some serious progress here....

Anyway, enough evangelism for today/tonight/this morning (I can't keep track any more :( )

Peace Out

Fluke by name...
Wednesday, March 1st, 2006
2:45 pm
It's all gone quiet.
When does everyone stop being busy? For me it will be the 18th before I have a full day to devote to CoH. Anyone else?

Now, what to do with this mythical day. I was thinking maybe an SG-only TF? Followed by a recruitment event to get some new blood? Does anyone have any better ideas?

Oh yeah, I have also been thinking about my equally mythical clan software. I would like to get this built as it would be massively useful. I was thinking something Outlook based with a scheduler, task list, etc. Does anyone have any ideas/software that can do this?
Tuesday, February 21st, 2006
1:32 pm
The Dirty Weekend is over...
...and I barely played on Auto Assault at all. This is primarily because my install had some fatal error that kept crashing the program whenever the lunch client tried to, well, launch. Most annoying.

So instead of spending all my time played some CoH and a little CoV.

Moaning, mostly.Collapse )

There'll be another TF for this Friday, hope you can make it. As always, the TF in question depends on the levels of characters who turn up.
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